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Do you need a new computer or an upgrade? SEI has been assisting the Dallas area since 1984. Call (972) 783-0099 to quote your next computer system.

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Established in 1995, Optipro.net is one of the oldest Internet providers in Dallas, Texas. We are located in the heart of the world famous Telecom Corridor in  Richardson, Texas. Optipro.net is the Internet division of SEI, Inc. serving the Dallas area's computing needs since 1984. This unique combination of services and skills has forged Optipro.net as a leading Internet provider in the Dallas area.

We have made a conscious decision to give each of our customers personalized service. Many people are now realizing the advantages of dealing with a company that can still provide one-on-one, personal service.

Because access to the Internet has largely been provided by the large, national providers some people think that a smaller provider cannot provide the same quality of access.

From the outset we decided to prove this was an incorrect assumption. All our systems have been specially selected to provide the best Internet access possible. This dedication to quality means that we can provide a better connection than many of our competitors.

Many of our business customers rely on us to provide them with communications around the world. The reliability this demands extends to everyone, from the home users to small businesses and large multinational companies. We make a point of treating everyone with the same quality of service and personal attention.

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