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Q.Sometimes when I try logging in, I get a message that instructs me to try again later, or my dialup session could not be established. When I try again later, everything works fine. What are some possible reasons for this happening?

A.First, make sure that the phone line you are using is not already in use. That is, make sure no one is using the phone! If the phone line is normally for modem only, try testing the phone line with a regular phone. Sometimes a phone line can have a low enough quality that cheaper (or even better) modems cannot successfully negotiate a good connection over it.

Q.Help, I click on "save password" in Windows 95 but the box is grayed out and I can't click it!

A. This is fairly easy to fix, just follow these steps.
1.Go into the Network icon in the Control Panel
2.Make sure "Client For Microsoft Networks" is on the list. If it isn't, click ADD, CLIENT, and add it. You will be prompted to reboot your computer and it may ask for the Windows 95 CD. This refers to the CD containing Windows 95 from Microsoft. 
3.Next goto Find (under the start button) and search for any *.pwl files and delete them.
4.Now reboot. When your computer comes up it will ask for a username & password to start Windows 95. Make up a username and leave the password blank. Click OK until you are in Windows. That should do it! You can now put the check in "save password" and the next time you go tolog in, your password will save.

Q.I can't connect and it says my password is incorrect, but I KNOW I typed it right. Why is this happening?

A.-Make sure that the caps lock key isn't on. Passwords are case sensitive, so you must type it in the same case (upper or lower) that your password was set to.
-Make sure the account is not already in use at another location.
-Optipro.net accounts use dynamic IP addresses, meaning your computer will be automatically assigned an IP address when you log in. Be sure that your computer is not specifying an IP address when you dial in. Note that even if you have explicitly requested a static IP address from Optipro.net and received one, you should leave your computer set to receive dynamic IP address, and we will assign you the same one each time you dial in.
-Your account may have been suspended, have you paid your bill? Does Optipro.net's billing department have your current contact information? If a payment has not been received for any reason, your service may have been suspended. Please call Optipro.net if you think this may be the case or if you think we may have incorrect contact information for you.

Q. What is ISDN and how does it compare to analog modem connections?

A.ISDN is digital phone service over regular copper phone lines. With a special type of modem, often called a Terminal Adapter or Router, you can achieve connections up to 128 Kbps. This is 4 times faster than a 28.8 modem, and always connects at 128 Kbps, never a slightly lower speed. More information is available on our Sales web pages.

Q.Are there any classes provided by Connectnet on using the Internet?

A.Yes, we offer an Introductory Class designed to familiarize you with our basic service and how to use common Internet applications such as Netscape and FTP. See the class web page for more information.

Q.Are there any rewards for referring new customers to Optipro.net?

A.Yes! We offer credit to customers who refer new business to us. See the referral page for details.

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